Vanessa Williams in White Zippered Sheath Dress at Samsung Touchscreen Refrigerator Launch

I recently shared a photo of Vanessa Williams over at PrissyReviews from the Samsung Touchscreen Refrigerator Launch Event I attended in NYC. Several of you emailed me inquiring about the crisp, summer white dress she wore.


Photo Credit: Neiman Marcus

I’ve searched for Vanessa’s cute, sleeveless dress but as yet haven’t been able to find the designer.  However, you can try the Zip Sheath Dress from Michael Kors, which retails for $628 at Neiman Marcus and has a similar crew neck with diagonal zip pocket detail at the hip.

Photo Credit: Shop Style

I also consulted with Claire of Calvin Klein Sleeveless Pocket-Detail Dress. Thanks Claire!


Vanessa rocked this beautiful, stark white dress with natural, wedge heel sandals.  As always, she was the picture of glamour and sophistication. In our interview she stated:

“I’m a busy working mom with four kids and I juggle a lot on a daily basis. With so much going on, it’s important for me to stay as organized and connected as possible. What I really like about Samsung’s refrigerator is that all of the apps I need are loaded into one LCD screen. Whether I want to leave a note, check the weather, or figure out what’s for dinner, this fridge organizes it all for me.”

Great choice for spokesperson, Samsung!