Pilar Sanders’ Stylish Cameo on “Single Ladies”

Photo Credit: Video Capture

How gorgeous did Pilar Sanders look in a pink, tailored square-neck jacket top, black pencil skirt, and black CL pumps in Episode 1 of “Single Ladies”?  She is giving us face, hair, and body in this video capture!

Somehow I got so caught up in all of Stacey’s fierceness throughout the season that I neglected to mention Pilar.  She played “Jennifer,” wife of the Atlanta mayor, and was extremely beautiful, confident, and poised in this scene as she dramatically confronts “April” for sleeping with her husband. Love her hair and makeup. Very hot, Pilar.

Photo Credit: Pilar Sanders

Taupe cutout dress from Halston’s Spring/Summer 2011 runway

Pilar is an actress, model, fitness guru, mom of three, and wife of retired football star Deion Sanders.  I sure hope we see more of Pilar and her fab style in Season 2.