“Love & Hip Hop 2″ Super Trailer & Meet the Ladies

VH1′s “Love & Hip Hop 2″ is set to premiere in a few weeks, and girls, I couldn’t be more excited!  That show was my guilty pleasure last season!  Ya’all know I usually connect with the prissiest character on the show but, as hood as she was, I really found myself relating to Chrissy Lampkin on so many levels. And as pathetic as her story-line was to watch, I felt Emily Bustamante as well. I mean, those situations were real, you know?

So this is what I’d love to see for season 2. *deep breath* I’m hoping this season Emily finally gets the closure she needs from her relationship with Fabolous. I’m hoping Jim, on his own, will man up and put a ring on it. I’m also hoping Jim will respectfully but firmly put Mama Jones in her place, with regards to his girl Chrissy (because his mother really is off the chain). And I’d love to see the season end with a wedding between the two.  I’m such an idealist, right?  Hmmm, the storylines of Somaya and Olivia didn’t interest me too much last season but maybe I’ll feel differently with this one.  Apparently there are a couple of new girls, Kimbella and Yandy, who brought the drama from day one.

I’m a little sad that Mashonda Tifrere won’t be returning this season, but my guess is that she’s pouring all her energy into her Starlet Manion clothing line that she’s preparing to launch.


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Goodness! I’m not gonna lie, when I watched this trailer my heart was racing.  Intense!  And Mama Jones’ rap song? Omg, I can’t. November 14th can’t come quick enough. I live for this drama.

Didn’t watch the show last season?  No problem.  Let’s meet the cast!

Rapper Jim Jones and his “fiance” Chrissy Lampkin. Love Chrissy in this Catherine Malandrino studded jacket [$4,900]

Emily Bustamante, former stylist for rapper Fabolous’ and his “girlfriend” and baby’s mother

Singer Olivia Longott and former cast member and fashion designer Mashonda Tifrere

Singer/rapper Somaya Reece and Mashonda Tifrere

Nancy Jones aka “Mama Jones”

New cast member Kimbella

New cast member Yandy Smith

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10 Responsesto ““Love & Hip Hop 2″ Super Trailer & Meet the Ladies”

  1. TheMochaPeach says:

    Ugh..these tricks (LOL)

  2. bkvixengonemd says:

    I secretly love this show too way better than basketball wives. I am so excited to hear that it is starting back. Yakini you have some high hopes for Jim Jones I hope we see an unforced wedding but not too sure about that one. Looking forward to watching though :)

    • yakini says:

      Okay, well I dont love it more than BBW… but i do love it! LOL
      You are right… Im probably giving Jim Jones way too much credit. lol. I have dated my share of committment-phobes in my life, and add to that a mother in the picture who is a hater? Mmmm, yeah, prospects of a wedding arent looking too good. A shame.

  3. Alicia @MommyDelicious says:

    She’s Fabolos’ mother?! Wow, she’s hot! I only seen one episode last seaon — the finale where Jim Jones gets proposed to. And I saw some of the reunion so I don’t know much of what’s going on. LOL. But.. there was a lot of drama.

    • yakini says:

      Omg, NO! That’s Fabolous’ girlfriend and mother of his son. I just didnt know how to word it right, cuz i hate the term “Baby Mama” and didnt wanna call her that, you know? lol. Im gonna re-word that.

  4. Inez says:

    Wow, that looks much crazier than the first season, they must be competing with basketball wives. lol. Whoa!

  5. inga says:

    Cannot wait for this!!
    I don’t like Kimbella already.
    Chrissy was my favorite from the first season as well. I really liked her.
    This season is going to be so good!


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