Forbidden Peek Inside the Christian Louboutin Sample Sale

Though cameras are strictly prohibited, @ManhattanMingle managed to take a series of photos inside the private Christian Louboutin sample sale taking place on W. 38th Street now through tomorrow.  Here are her key take-aways:

  • There is a phony sign posted on the door stating “There is no Christian Louboutin sale happening at this time,” and this is intended to deter those without an invite
  • While the invitation states that only one customer is admitted per invite, if you ask nicely they’ll let you bring a plus-one.
  • Don’t go expecting a luxurious, beautiful shopping space (a la high-end department store). The sale consists of rows of shoes in boxes in a barren, no frills space.
  • About 45% of the merchandise consists of unsold shoes from last year’s sale
  • There are lots of sizes 40-40.5 available
  • Most of the styles are in bright colors, and you really have to dig for black or basic shoe colors
  • Shoes are priced $250 to $500, with most falling in the $350 range. Espadrilles are $150
  • “The chicks there were ruthless—do not abandon your pile for even a second!”
via Racked NY

The last day of the sale is tomorrow (Friday, November 18th). For all you die-hard Loubie stans dying to get into this sale, going on a Friday afternoon is your best bet.  Good luck and twit’pic a camera photo to us if you can!

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14 Responsesto “Forbidden Peek Inside the Christian Louboutin Sample Sale”

  1. Alicia @MommyDelicious says:

    Haha… I bet it was craze there! The shoes look so sad in the rows and rows of boxes like that. Loubs should be up on a pedestal, not stuffed like that. LOL.

    • yakini says:

      Hmmm, maybe they need to be a little “less” strict as far as the invite policy, and then they’d sell more shoes and not have to keep carrying them over to the Sample Sale the following year. Who wants to buy “trendy” shoes that are from several seasons ago?! I mean, dang.

  2. Glamamom says:

    I cannot do sample sales but this one seems pretty amazing. The line doesn’t even look that bad. Next time.

  3. Sheena says:

    Who knew $500 shoes were in such a high demand? Good lawd!

    • yakini says:

      $500 seems a bit high to me! I thought those jokers were in the range of $200-something. Shoot, might as well go on to Neimans and buy it full price.

  4. sunshine says:

    I want a pair!

  5. inga says:


  6. Baby Shopaholic says:

    One day I will get there!

  7. TheMochaPeach says:



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