Teairra Mari Accidentally Became a Reality Star & is Tired of her Sexy Image [Interview]

R&B singer and blossoming actress Teairra Mari, who has a recurring role on VH1′s “Love & Hip-Hop,” recently chatted with VLAD TV about how she landed on reality TV (an accidental meeting at a hair salon) and how she’d like to leave behind her sexy image and take on more serious acting roles in Hollywood [The Jasmine Brand].

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10 Responsesto “Teairra Mari Accidentally Became a Reality Star & is Tired of her Sexy Image [Interview]”

  1. eboni says:

    Interesting interview – “Sexy” wouldn’t by the first (or last) adjective I use to describe Teairra.

    She isn’t my favorite on L & HH at all – but I do like her clothes on the show.

  2. Alicia @MommyDelicious says:

    The couple of times that I HAVE seen the show, she hasn’t been my fav.

  3. SiBonita says:

    i actually love teairra! i think she’s super cute and brings a fresh, fun vibe. bringing emily to that party initially threw me off, but looking back on the episodes i’ve seen, i don’t really see her as a negative person (unlike that hater, olivia, ugh, lol). i also think she’s not playing a character–i just think that’s her personality (cause i kinda know girls who act like that).

    oh–and i love her fashion/lip color choices, so i selfishly want her to stay on the show so i can see more of that!

    • yakini says:

      Great points. I actually liked her more after the last episode that aired -I really respected the way she confronted Kimbella for starting that fight with Erica Menes in the first place. I mean, everyone was so hard on Erica and quick to blame her (and she did start the argument, so she is responsible in that sense). BUT Kimbella took it to a physical level first and, like Teairra told her, that was not necessary. Fighting isn’t always (or ever, really) the solution. She seemed very mature in that scene, and I liked that. So, albeit grudgingly, she has started to grow on me a bit. ;-)

      And yes, i looove her fashion too!

  4. Teanika says:

    I personally do not like her I find her wanting to be down to get attention in order to stay relevant

  5. Dr. Reginia says:

    There’s something likable about Tierra. I’ve enjoyed her addition to Love & Hip Hop. She reminds me of a little Deborah Cox (appearance wise).

    • yakini says:

      She is cool. Im not a huge fan of her persona though i enjoy her fashion. I do like her on the show though!


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