“Love & Hip Hop’s” Yandy Smith in Alexander McQueen & EGL Jewelry

Music manager and “Love & Hip Hop” reality starlet Yandy Smith recently sat down with VH1 to chat fashion, her “business chic” personal style, and her Everything Girls Love jewelry line.  Check out an excerpt from the interview and the video below:

On How She Knows a Dress is the Right Fit: …I love to cover my knees and have a little bit of leg showing at the bottom – show a little bit but keep a little bit hidden…. the right body fit, not too tight, it just lays on my booty nice – I have a little round thing, so it lays on it at the right point.

Fashion Philosophy: Don’t dress for the job you have but dress for the job you want.  So… you want to be an executive, you have to look like an executive everyday.  And I want to be an executive who has a little bit of style and an executive who everyone wants to look like.

Fashion Advice: Stay true to who you are.  If you’re bold, you’re outrageous, you’re sexy, you’re girly… you should dress that way.  And that’s why I look the way I look, cuz I’m bold, I’m outrageous, I’m sexy… but I’m also a business woman. I wear outfits that compliment that. You should too.

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Accessories: Everything Girls Love

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Photo Credit: Vh1 Blog