April 1, 2023

There are many dos and don’ts in nail care, and most of them you may not be aware of. The most basic things are very simple, like keeping the nails jagged, cleaning under the nails, no chance for bacteria to multiply.

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One of the things that many people do but shouldn’t do is use nails as tools. Some use it to open envelopes and letters, while others use it as a screwdriver. These movements expose the nails to mechanical damage, and the wrong movement can cause them to break. It’s best to use the right tools for these jobs and avoid using your nails at all costs.

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Nails are not only damaged by physical means. They can also be damaged when exposed to strong chemicals or drying agents. It is best to avoid contact with these substances using gloves. If this is truly unavoidable, make sure to moisturize your nails afterwards so they stay hydrated and don’t break easily.

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