April 1, 2023

Vintage fashion is also known as Retro fashion. Short for retrospective. Repro clothing which comes from the word reproduction is when an item of clothing is made as a copy of an older style. Modern or contemporary clothing is current fashion.

Vintage fashion has a slightly longer lifespan than retro. Retro typically does not date back past the 1950’s.

Modern vintage Clothing is a blending of current and vintage styled garments – And then you get classic which just never date.

Vintage style is popular because it is unique in terms of design, color, material and craftsmanship. You are more likely to stand out from the crowd and express your own, individual creativity if you wear classic and vintage clothing.

Vintage clothing sizes are also different to modern day sizing. Unfortunately not good for a woman’s ego however as women’s body shapes evolved so did the sizes. A lot of vintage clothing was also hand sewn and therefore not sized but made to fit. Always important to make sure that you try on the vintage garment and that it fits correctly and not to worry too much about the size.

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Vintage clothing is also very sustainable. The materials are well made and have longevity in them. The materials were proper materials and not diluted with polyester like today’s materials. Mass production was also not possible like today in vintage era’s hence the item you get is probably only one of a few. 

Many of the vintage fashions that you can find today were produced in the U.S.A. The items will have unique tell tale signs to say that they are vintage. For example the labels will give certain clues, along with some hand sewn details and texture of the material. 

Vintage clothing also pertains to mens clothing. Bold colors, shirts with 1 or 2 chest pockets and a loose fit is indicative of mens vintage wear. Vintage mens wear always included ties, leather closed shoes with laces, matching socks and trousers to the shoes in color. Neck wear, either a tie or carafe, a felt hat and coat. 


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